Friday, December 24, 2010

Kraft: 3.6% Yield + Plus Emerging Market Synergy

Kraft will be absorbing its acquisition of Cadbury. Should you buy the stock?

It yields 3.64% and sells about 13 times 2011 estimated earnings according to
Barron's Dimitra DeFotis. Is the stock undervalued or is the market discounting lousy prospects? Cadbury certainly offers opportunities for synergy. Kraft is strong in countries Cabury is not and vice versa. With the emerging market econnomies providing the world's economic growth, this is important. Hanging over that rosy scenario is the question of whether Kraft can digest iCadbury's sweets. Managements in more than one industry have gotten indigestion from such major mergers.

Still DeFotis explains that mixing Kraft cheese with Cadbury chocolate should sweeten investor returns in this video.

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