Thursday, November 18, 2010

The "Scarbus" 380: Rolls Royce Engine Explodes Forcing a Quantas Jet to Land In Singapore

Quantas Grounds its A380s

Airbus touts the A380 as the plane of the future. In this News Corp. video you can see the first Qantas airbus A380 touch down in Sydney, October 2008:

Quantas is quite proud of its safety record. What other major airline can brag of never having lost a jetplane? Keen on keeping that reputation, Quantas grounded its A380s after the emergency landing of its "scrabus" flight QF32.

Thus the planes of the future is having problems in the present.

News on Airbus's big one, the A380, first. Singapore Airlines found oil leaking from its Rolls Royce engines (courtesy of News Australia):

And yet more on SKYNews:

The Fallout for RollsRoyce:

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