Monday, December 10, 2012

Boom and Bust In Shipbuilding

China has a voracious appetite for commodities, which means it has a tremendous appetite for shipping to carry those commodities.  In a Communist twist on Say's Law, demand creates its own supply.  Since there is a long lead time in ship building, shipping rates are very volatile.  

In this video, the FT's Jonathan Wheatley interviews shipping industry expert, Dinesh Sharma, a senior consultant at Drewry Maritime Advisors, about the boom and bust business.  Jonathan Wheatley is the FT's deputy emerging markets editor.

A Top European Fund Manager Is Bullish On European stocks

Britta Weidenbach is the portfolio manager for large European equities at DWS Investments. Weidenbach says the timing is right to go back into European stocks in this interview with the FT on December 4th. She sees a selective approach delivering total returns of around 12 per cent next year. Now DWS is even bullish on some European banks.

Frau Weidenback explains her portfolio's organization, approach, and performance: