Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How Airbus Makes Wings

Last December 21st, FT manufacturing editor Peter Marsh visits the wing factory of Airbus/EADS at Broughton in north Wales. There he learns how the factory works on a process of continuous innovation in technology, and he assesses the impact on skills and jobs across the UK:

Data & Retail

You may not physically see software and data bases and algorithms, but firms' investment in IT and their use of it is just as important as their investment in physical capital.  There has been a shift from data as what and where we sell to who buys and why.  Technology is changing the way retailers do businesses with some brands combining analytics and mobile apps to learn about their customers and giving their customers reason to benefit from their snooping. 
In this March 7th video (four minutes and twenty five seconds), the FT's Bede McCarthy discusses the introduction of technology on to the high street (i.e., the downtown shops) with Scott Morrison of Diesel UK and Computer Weekly's Bryan Glick: