Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mike Lynch Strikes Back & Watch Out for Carly

Who needs the supermarket tabloids?

Hewlett-Packard went from being the only adult in Silicon Valley to its soap opera. Carly Fiorina put together the corporate powerhouse which could provide one stop shopping for Corporate America and provide every CIO a safe route to an ROI on their big bets. HP made a big mistake firing her, but still coasted on her strategy while going through a revolving door of CEOs. Disastrously they bought the British software company, Autonomy. This led to an $8.8 billion write-down and allegations of accounting fraud. Now Autonomy's founder Mike Lynch plans to report HP to the SEC for "false representations to the market." In this FT video (4:46 minutes), Murad Ahmed, European technology correspondent, leads Ravi Mattu through the whole affair.

The story just got more interesting!

And just when you thought Hillary Clinton would become the first female president of the United States, a real executive is hiring key people to make a run.  Tim Alberta writes in the National Journal, "Carly Fiorina is laying the groundwork for what one ally says is an 'imminent' presidential campaign—one that could launch as early as next month."

Hmm, does actual executive competence disqualify one for President?  Time will tell. 

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