Monday, July 11, 2011

U.S. Energy Production on the Rise

7/6/2011: Markets Hub interviews WSJ's Heard on the Street columnist, Liam Denning that energy production in America is on the rise, which is positively affecting the U.S. chemical industry. Natural gas is the good news:


ICTwestsider said...

Natural gas prices based upon a comparison of BTU's is a good way to compare with other fuels. On a BTU basis, natural gas is only about 1/3 the cost of gasoline and even less for the higher priced diesel.

This is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop viable natural gas substitutes for everything from motor vehicles to boats or anything else with large gasoline or diesel engines.

Dr. Malcolm C. Harris, Sr. said...

I certainly agree.

It would be a huge mistake for the government to throw its weight behind which technology would be best to replace gasoline.

I suspect that LNG is a better bet than most, but once a subsidy program is in place, there will be vested interests to keep it even if the government is backing a loser.

ICTwestsider said...

Malcolm is right about govt. programs. Reagan said there is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program.

On energy, I'm disappointed in T. Boone Pickens who seems to want sizable govt. subsidies for his combination of windmills and natural gas for energy production. If Boone would limit himself to transitioning from heavier carbon fuels to natural gas, it would be a positive.

I would urge you to watch the new production of natural gas in Pennsylvania versus the efforts to limit and even stop it from the same geological formation across the stateline in New York. The greenies in NY who are against American energy are limiting this incredible and valuable new energy resource according to a recent article in the Wall St. Journal.