Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Dreamliner Is Back On Target!

In news of great local importance to Wichita, Ann Keeton reports "Boeing, After Initial Delay, Says 787 Is on Track." Keeton tells us, "Boeing's efforts to deliver the hot-selling 787, which is expected to be more efficient than current aircraft, are being closely watched. Boeing in October said troubles with suppliers would delay delivery of the first aircraft by six months to the end of 2008. But the company said it could still turn out 40 aircraft by the end of next year and produce 109 total aircraft by the end of 2009 once it worked out the kinks in initial production. Boeing has said the delays have so far affected 19 airline." Molly McMillan, in the Wichita Eagle, tells us "Boeing has 762 orders for the new plane valued at more than $120 billion. Spirit AeroSystems in Wichita is a key supplier for the program."

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