Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wichita Job Growth is Strong and Accelerating

Jobs grow 4.1 percent.

Employment grew a rapid 4.1 percent in the Wichita labor market since March of last year according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not only was Wichita's job growth strong, but it is accelerating compared to the 3.9 percent year over year growth recorded in February. By way of comparison payrolls nationwide grew only 1.4 percent. Wichita’s economy produced twelve thousand new jobs over the last twelve months.

The unemployment rate is down and well below the national rate.

The Wichita unemployment rate was 4.1 percent well below the national average of 4.5 percent. Things have changed dramatically over the last twelve months. A year ago, both the national and the local unemployment rates stood at 4.8 percent. One major reason is the booming aircraft industry. Commercial aircraft order backlogs are up 40 percent over a year ago. The financial recovery of the domestic airline industry, its aging fleet of planes, and a huge demand abroad are all contributing to this sanquine cycle in a very boom and bust business. The Eagle reports that passangers on Air Tran grew 12.9 percent in April.

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