Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Breaking Up the House Carly Built

Hewlett-Packard Plans to split into two companies: its personal-computer and printer businesses on the one hand and its corporate hardware and services operations on the other:

Simon Caonstable asks JoAnn Lublin about this on WSJ's News Hub:

The Journal further asks whether "TechnologyHewlett-Packard: Will Slimmer Make Stronger?CEO Meg Whitman Says Breakup Makes Firm Nimbler, but the Same Pricing, Competition Problems Persist"  in an October 6th article article by and Rachael King.

Hewlett Packard's proposed split follows similar moves by eBay (breaking PayPal from the auction business) and Kraft (into Kraft and Mondelyse.) Does this latest breakup result from the disruption caused by the new ascendance of mobile technology and cloud computing?  That is the thesis of the Journal's "H-P Move Highlights Disruption in TechShift to Mobile Devices, Cloud Services Slows Pioneers’ Growth" by Don Clark with Shira Ovide 

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