Thursday, October 27, 2011

Act II of the Olympus Drama

From the Wall Street Journal, Olympus defends its deals, but the Chairman resigns and the Euro Zone Looks to Asia for bail out money. 

In this Asia Today video, we find that Japanese camera maker, Olympus, stands by four controversial acquisitions even as Chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa resigns.  The Journal's Isabella Steger and Mariko Sanchanta also discuss how the euro-zone leaders now look to Asia for money (we want your money but not your ethics):

4 minutes and 51 seconds, 10/27/2011

Act I

The first act of this drama was enacted a week ago when Olympus fired its CEO, Michael Woodford, who, in turn,  alerted the UK authorities of his findings about payments made by the Japanese camera maker in connection with the acquisitions. Mr. Woodford had hired an outside auditor to do a forensic investigation. In this October 18th interview, Mr. Woodford tells the FT's Louise Lucas why he has taken his concerns about the deal-making at his previous employer to the UK Serious Fraud Office.  Click through to view the FT video which is just over 10 minutes.

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